Lisa Ingram

I’ve always been sensible. I like things that work. I like efficiency. Yet, beauty has always been of terrific importance to me as well. Merging these two elements into pottery has truly been a life calling for me.

I wanted to be an artist from the day I picked up a pencil and drew my first stick spider. It was captivating to be able to create something with simple tools and materials.

Pottery was The Thing I was waiting to discover. In 2002, I took a hand building ceramics class my freshman year at Berry College in Rome, Georgia. Despite a rocky beginning to the class, I soon was drawn in by the grace and beauty of the clay- and also it’s wondrous usefulness. I completed multiple ceramics classes and continued on as the studio caretaker after my graduation- granting me a place to continue to work and learn about this beautiful art.

I’ve continued to explore and create pottery since my college days. I am a full time stay at home potter mom to two sweet little girls. I work my pottery time in as I'm able. As you might imagine, this leaves only a precious few hours a week for my creations. But I'm enjoying this stage of my life while looking forward to a future full of pottery time with my girls.

I completed an art minor at Berry college focusing on ceramics under professor Jere Lykins and a summer course titled “Making it Work as a Studio Potter” at the Haystack School of Crafts with master potter Sarah Jaeger. I am forever a student of the art of clay.

A life of beauty is a life full of joy. Beauty is especially precious when it is found in the everyday. My pottery merges the everyday with handmade beauty as someone cooks in a casserole dish, drinks from a mug of coffee, displays fresh cut flowers in a vase or set their rings in a small dish beside the sink at bedtime. Sometimes people send me picture of a piece in use in their homes, and it amazes me how it seems to take on a personality in it’s new setting. That’s what handmade does. By lending it’s usefulness, and gracing it’s user with beauty, pottery is truly a blessing in the people’s everyday lives.